• 500,000 Clinical Trial Records
  • 50,000 Product/Candidates
  • 60,000 Sponsor/Organisation

Clinical Trial Data Solutions

Clinical Trial

Clival database is a clinical trials data based platform that offers insights on 500,000 clinical trials and innovative drugs for the pharmaceutical and allied industries. These insights cover details pertaining to clinical trial development phases from phase 0 to phase 4 data...

Product Level Analysis

Clival database provides product-based analyzed trial data

Licensing Candidates Identification

The USFDA drug discovery and drug development process is a long

Patent Insight On Approved Molecules

Get information for approved molecules with special feature

Newsletter Platform For Competitors

Clival database provides newsletters that are stocked with the latest trends

NDA/sNDA Module

The Clival Database offers updated information about milestones

Prediction Of Launch

Our state-of-the-art platform provides you with the predictive launch

Our Clients

lifescience Industries

Our clients are the driving force behind our hard work. We are a privileged entity to be able to work with clients from a variety of lifescience Industries including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Pharma intermediates, Formulations, Agrochemicals, enzymes, dyes chemicals, fertilizers and many more.

Clients Say About Us

Candidates Testimonials

Clients Say About Us

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