About Us: Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd.


Lifescience Intellipedia strictly follows its motto “Right data, right decision” and continuously works in the direction of growth. We believe in extensive research work that leads to a sustainable business model. We analyze the market, study current trends, and emerging updates in the entire life sciences industry, and prepare valuable insights for our clients. We invest our time and abilities to provide data to help clients achieve their goals.

Clival database is an excellent collection of clinical trial data covering 50,000 molecules from not only primary regulatory markets (USA, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Japan, Canada, South Korea) but also new strong and emerging markets such as India & China. It aims to provide data Insight on over 5,00,000 clinical trials from Phase 0 to IV across all indications, including orphan disease, sponsor, and therapeutic areas.

Our Chemxpert database focuses on technical and commercial dimensions of market data. It meticulously covers the lifescience industry by presenting insights on manufacturers, patent landscapes, licenses, warnings, growth & future forecast, etc. It offers a comprehensive range of data pertaining to buyers, suppliers, market size, clinical trial information, data analytics, regulatory insights, and price trends for the pharmaceutical and lifesciences industries.



Lifescience Intellipedia is a market research consulting company that provides extensive analysis and reports derived from primary and secondary research. We believe our insights can assist clients in accomplishing their objectives. We keep an eye on clinical trials from beginning to completion and prepare meticulous data. We aspire to offer a complete range of services that fulfill all your clinical trial data requirements.

At Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd, we are happily obliged to provide our customers with information on clinical trials and data related to the Lifescience industry.

Our vision is to prepare a strong database that becomes the center for all clinical data around the globe. To become a robust information system in the Lifescience field, we are working progressively in developing quality products and making strong strategic decisions.


Lifescience Intellipedia’s analytical expertise can help you transform your organization and enhance performance.

Our mission is to provide real-time information to our clients on quickly changing market dynamics, in-process and completed clinical trials to become more agile and competitive.

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