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Welcome to the Clival Database's website. While pursuing the content of the Clival Database (Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd.), you have acknowledged and accepted the conditions detailed herein: -

1. Clival Database is a web portal that offers 360-degree perspective insights on innovative drugs and operated by Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd. Clival database provides data Insight on over 5,00,000 clinical trials from Phase 0 to IV of post-marketing surveillance. While diligent efforts have been undertaken to uphold the precision and timeliness of our website's content, it should not be interpreted as a legal statement or employed for legal proceedings.

We disclaim any liability concerning the accuracy, entirety, utility, currency, and all other aspects related to the showcased content or downloadable materials on the Clival Database. We advise users to exercise their own judgment and counsel them to independently corroborate and validate all information from pertinent source(s) before making any consequential professional decision(s) based on the information provided within the database and website.

2. While we put efforts into offering the best services, we do not guarantee continuous availability or alignment with your needs for the Clival Database. Access to services may be subject to interruptions, delays, failures, errors, omissions, or potential loss of transmitted information. The Clival Database team (Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd.) is equipped to address concerns, but we cannot guarantee the absence of viruses, malware, spyware, or any other deleterious properties during transmission. We do not provide a warranty for safety from potential harm or damage to your computer system.

3. You bear sole responsibility for data and/or equipment protection, as well as implementing prudent preventive measures to avert harm caused by computer viruses, malware, spyware, and similar destructive properties.

4. Our website's content—whether viewable or downloadable, including text, graphics, images, information derived from external sources, and industry-specific data are designed for educational purposes. In the event that you encounter any information or content that you deem offensive for any reason, we recommend refraining from utilizing our database. Alternatively, should you find certain sections of the database or website objectionable, you may opt not to engage with those specific portions.

5. If you have granted permission to any minor or subordinate to access the content of the Clival Database or website, you shall assume full responsibility for their:
(a) Online Conduct
(b) Monitoring access to the site.
(c) Implications of utilizing our website

6. We shall not, under any circumstances, bear liability for any costs, losses, or damages, including but not limited to indirect or consequential losses or damages, or any costs, losses, or damages whatsoever, resulting from the use or loss of data, arising in connection with the utilization of our website. It is recommended that you refrain from depending on the application of any information on this website, as it may not be pertinent to your individual circumstances. Kindly be aware that your reliance on the information and content sourced from the Clival Database is entirely at your own risk. Neither we nor the content providers accept any liability or responsibility for any damage or injury (including death) to you, other individuals, or property resulting from the utilization of any information, idea, or instruction included in the content or services provided to you.

7. The inclusion of links, contacts, news, advertisements, and trading facilities on the Clival Database, including those linked to external sources, has been undertaken to facilitate a smooth flow of information for users and to enhance user-friendliness and convenience. We disclaim responsibility for the content or reliability of linked websites and do not endorse the expressed viewpoints. The continual availability of linked pages and their content is not guaranteed.

8. During your interaction with our content or while visiting our website, your web browser might generate pop-up advertisements. These ads could originate from other visited websites or third-party software within your system. It should be noted that we do not endorse products or services associated with pop-up advertisements appearing on your computer screen while using our site.

9. The Information, software, products, and services provided on or accessible through the site may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd. and any individuals involved in creating, producing, or delivering the site do not assume any liability or responsibility for such errors on the site. Hereby, all warranties and conditions, including implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, use, consumption, fitness, title, completeness, and non-infringement are disclaimed in relation to any product or information on the site.

10. Any communication or material that a user transmits or posts on the site, whether through electronic mail or other means, including data, questions, comments, or suggestions ('User Information'), is regarded as non-confidential and non-proprietary information. Consequently, it shall be deemed the property of the Clival Database (Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd.). Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd. or any of its affiliates may store or use the user information for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to, reproduction, disclosure, transmission, publication, broadcast, or further posting, without any compensation for the use.

11. The right of the user to access the site and its affiliated websites is explicitly non-transferable. Any password, entitlement, or authorization provided to a user for the purpose of acquiring information or documents retains its non-transferable nature and is to be considered the sole and exclusive possession of the user.

12. This site and all its contents are governed by copyright protection. The material within the site must not be replicated under any circumstances without the prior consent of the Clival Database (Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd.) Apart from the permissions expressly granted herein, the user is prohibited from exhibiting, retrieving, disseminating, duplicating, reissuing, or transmitting any information, textual matter, visuals, or documents present within the site without the preceding written consent from the Clival Database (Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd.).

13. The Clival Database (Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd.) may modify these Terms of Use or discontinue the site at any time without any prior written notice.

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