Clinical Research Organizations (CROs)

Introduction to CROs

In the pharmaceutical, biological and medical device sectors, clinical research organizations play an essential role. They are primarily responsible for supervising clinical trials and providing a range of services to facilitate the development of products. In particular, these services help to reduce the time and costs involved in carrying out this work.

In the pharmaceutical, biological and medical device sectors, clinical research organizations play an essential role. They are primarily responsible for supervising clinical trials and providing a range of services to facilitate the development of products. In particular, these services help to reduce the time and costs involved in carrying out this work.

Functions and Offerings

Clinical research organizations provide comprehensive support, covering preclinical studies to post-marketing surveillance in order to ensure a seamless continuity for trial sponsors

Name of CRO Country
4Clinics US
A10 Clinical Solutions US
Abf Pharmaceutical Services US
Accell Clinical Research US
Accurate Clinical Research US
Aci Clinical US
Acm Global Laboratories US
Acrc Trials US
Activmed Practices And Research US
Advanced Bioscience Laboratories US
Advanced Clinical Services Llc US
Advanced Memory Institute Of Nj US
Akros Pharma US
Albuquerque Clinical Trials US
Alcherabio US
Allphase Clinical Research US
Amador Bioscience US
Amarex Clinical Research US
American Health Research US
Anaheim Clinical Trials US
Analgesic Solutions US
Aperio Clinical Outcomes US
Applied Healthcare Resource Management (Ahrm) US
Aptus Clinical US
Arizona Research Center US
Ars Clinical Trials US
At Clinical Systems US
Aurum Clinical Research US
Avail Clinical Research US
Axio Research US
Axis Clinicals US
Beacon Clinical Research US
Behavioral Pharma US
Benchmark Research US
Bioaccess US
Bioclinica US
Biofortis US
Bionical Emas US
Biopharma Informatic US
Biopharma Services US
Biostat International US
Boston Clinical Trials US
Bradstreet Clinical Research US
Brunswick Labs US
Burleson Research Technologies (Brt) US
Cactus Clinical Research US
California Neuroscience Research US
Cambridge Biomedical US
Cancer Insight US
Canfield Scientific US
Care Research Llc US
Catawba Research US
Cato Research US
Cbh Clintrials US
Ccs Associates US
Celerion US
Certus International US
Chemdiv US
Chicago Research Center US
Citrials US
Clinaudits US
Clindatrix US
Clinfinity US
Clinical Assistance Programs (Cap) US
Clinical Device Group (Cdg) US
Clinical Investigation Specialists US
Clinical Research Consulting, Inc. US
Clinical Research Laboratories US
Clinical Research Management Group US
Clinical Research Of Philadelphia US
Clinical Site Services (Css) US
Clinical Supplies Management US
Clinigen Group US
Clinilabs US
Clinipace US
Clinirx US
Clinitude US
Clinsmart US
Clinstat Consulting US
Cmed US
Cns Healthcare US
Collaborative Neuroscience Network US
Comparative Biosciences, Inc US
Concentrics Research US
Confidence Pharmaceutical Research US
Covance US
Cpc Clinical Research US
Crc Pharma US
Criterium US
Croprime US
Crownbio US
Cti Clinical Trials US
Cyprotex Limited US
Dava Oncology US
Davita Clinical Research US
Denova Research US
Dfs Pharma US
Diablo Clinical Research US
Diagnostics Research Group US
Dicentra US
Dm Clinical Research US
Dow Development Labs US
Dsp Clinical Research US
Dzs Clinical Services US
Egeen International US
Elligo Health Research US
Emissary US
Eresearchtechnology, Inc (Ert) US
Estern Medical US
Excel Lifesciences US
Firma Clinical Research US
Frenova Renal Research US
Galenos Research US
Geneuity Clinical Research Services US
Global Pharma Tek US
Grayline Research US
Grossmont Center For Clinical Research US
Gulf Coast Research Associates US
Health Decisions US
High Point Clinical Trials Center US
Hill Top Research US
Illingworth Research Group US
Innovative Clinical Concepts (Icc) US
Insite Clinical Research US
Integrated Clinical Research US
Integrium Clinical Research US
International Healthcare Llc US
International Pharma Trials US
Intrinsic Imaging Llc US
Iqvia US
Irvine Clinical Research US
Kai Research US
Katalyst Healthcares And Life Sciences US
Keystone Clinical Studies US
Kriger Research Group International (Krc) US
Lambda Therapeutic Research Limited US
Libra Medical US
Limb Preservation Platform US
Litera Microsystems US
Lotus Clinical Research US
Lovelace Scientific Resources US
Mac Clinical Research US
Maestro Clinical US
Makrocare US
Md Biosciences US
Meagan Medical US
Med Institute US
Medelis US
Medical Advancement Through Clinical Research US
Medidata Solutions US
Medinova Research US
Medispect US
Medpace US
Medsource US
Medtox US
Medtrials US
Mene Research US
Merck Millipore US
Midwest Institute For Clinical Research US
Mosio, Inc. US
Mountain View Clinical Research US
Musculoskeletal Clinical Regulatory Advisers US
Navitas Life Sciences US
Neox Clinical Research US
Neurotrials Research US
New Hope Clinical Research US
Noesis Pharma Clinical Trials US
North Carolina Clinical Research US
Northeast Biolab US
Norwich Clinical Research Associates US
Norwich Clinical Research Associates  US
Novum Pharmaceutical Research Services US
Nuventra US
Oct Group US
Oncotherapeutics US
Ora Clinical US
Orbis Data Solutions US
Ottr Chronic Care Solutions US
Pacific Biomarkers US
Pacific Clinical Research Medical Group US
Palm Beach Cro US
Palmetto Clinical Trial Services US
Parexel International Corporation US
Pax Neuroscience US
Peachtree Bioresearch Solutions US
Peninsula Research Associates US
Pharmaron US
Pharmatech US
Pharmstats US
Pharpoint Research US
Pinnacle Research Group US
Pmg Research US
Pra Health Sciences US
Praxis US
Prc Clinical US
Precision Research Institute US
Prelude Dynamics US
Presage Biosciences US
Pri Research US
Promedica International US
Prometrika US
Prorelix Research US
Prosciento US
Protrials Research US
Providence Clinical Research US
Proxima Clinical Research US
Quantum Laboratories US
Quartesian US
Quorom Review Inc. US
Rapidtrials US
Reliance Clinical Testing Services, Inc US
Research Assist US
Research Dynamics US
Researchpoint Global US
Rheumatology Associates Of Northern Alabama US
Rose Research Center US
Sanguine Biosciences US
Scian Services US
Simbec-Orion Group US
Smooth Drug Development US
Social Psychiatry Research Institute US
Spaulding Clinical Research US
Springfield Clinic US
Statking Clinical Services US
Stiris Research US
Name of CRO Country
Strategikon Pharma US
Sun Valley Research Center US
Supeira US
Symbio US
Symphony Clinical Research US
Synchron US
Synexus Limited US
Synteract US
Take Solutions US
Target Health Inc. US
Tech Observer US
The Clinical Trial Center US
Theradex US
Therapeutics US
Titan Clinical Solutions US
Tkl Research US
Tradecraft Clinical Research US
Transperfect US
Trevie Research US
Trial By Fire Solutions, Llc US
Trial Runners US
Triwest Research Associates US
Vedic Lifesciences US
Velocity Clinical Research US
Versagenics US
Vial Dermatology Cro US
Wake Research Associates US
Wcct Global US
Western States Clinical Research US
Worldcare Clinical US
Pharmaxi Ukraine
Spri Ukraine Ukraine
Bio Reliance Corporation UK
Bioaxis Healthcare UK
Chiltern International Ltd UK
Clinlogix UK
Clintec UK
Congenix UK
Core Oncology UK
Drk Pharma Solutions UK
Eleusis UK
Exploristics UK
Fountain Medical Development (Fmd) UK
Gstt Emergency Scientific And Medical Services UK
Harrison Clinical UK
International Clinical Trials Association (Icta) UK
Ixico UK
Kgk Synergize UK
Kinesis Pharma Bv UK
Medidata UK
Northwise Services UK
Panthera Bio UK
Perceptive Informatics, Inc UK
Premier Research Group UK
Quotient Sciences UK
Richmond Pharmacology UK
The Clinical Trial Company UK
The Micron Group UK
Clinart Mena UAE
Sentez Cro Turkey
Trio Grup Turkey
Aclires Bangkok Thailand
Asia Global Research Thailand
Novotech Thailand
Aginko Research Ag Switzerland
Astrom Research International Sweden
Irw Consulting Sweden
Tfs International Ab Sweden
Akrn Scientific Consulting Spain
Anapharm Spain
Recerca Clínica Spain
Sofpromed Spain
Onq Research South Africa
Pharmaceutical Development Company Saudi Arabia
Biocard Research Russia
Cromos Pharma Russia
Mb Quest Russia
Oct Clinical Trials Russia
X7 Research Russia
Global Clinical Trials Romania
Easthorn Clinical Services Poland
Mtz Clinical Research Poland
P3 Research New Zealand
Julius Clinical Research Netherlands
Fractals Clinical Research Mexico
Ils Clinical Research Mexico
Info Kinetics Sdn Bhd  Malaysia
Clinpharm Lebanon
Clinserv Lebanon
Dokumeds Latvia
Lsk Global Pharma Services Korea
A2 Healthcare Corporation Japan
Falco Biosystems Japan
Incrom Japan
Signant Health Japan
Cromsource Italy
Donawa Lifescience Consulting Italy
Ephoran Italy
Gb Pharma Italy
Hippocrates Research Srl Italy
Medi Service Italy
Operacro Italy
Nextar Chempharma Solutions Israel
Trialog Clinical Trials Ltd Israel
Icon Plc Ireland
Venn Life Sciences Ireland
Farzan Clinical Research Iran
Prodia The Cro Indonesia
Actimus Biosciences India
Apcer Life Sciences India
Asiatic Clinical Research India
Azidus Laboratories India
Bioaxis India
Cliantha Research India
Clinnex India
Dubar Research Foundation India
Genpro Research India
Global Clinical Trials India
Hinge Clinica India
Icbio Clinical Research Pvt Ltd India
Intrextest India
Jai Research Foundation India
Kps Clinical Services India
Lambda Therapeutic Research India
Navatio Pharma India
Prorelix Services Llp India
Rcc Laboratories India
Reliance Life Sciences India
Spectrum Clinical Research India
Tcg Lifesciences Private Limited India
Veeda Clinical Research India
Argint International Clinical Research And Development Services (Argint) Hungary
Clin Trial Limited Hungary
Pharmahungary Hungary
Research Professionals Hungary
Aix Scientifics Germany
Allied Clinical Management Germany
Ascent Clinical Research Solutions Germany
Bioskin Germany
Clinical Supplies Management Holdings Germany
Clinical Trial Center North (Ctc North & Kg) Germany
Delta-Vir Germany
Fgk Clinical Research Germany
Focus Clinical Drug Development (Focus Cdd) Germany
Icrc-Weyer (Independent Clinical Research Consulting) Germany
Inceptua Germany
Koehler Eclinical Germany
Nuvisan Gmbh Germany
Pharmalog Germany
Pharmtrace Klinische Entwicklung Germany
Scope International Germany
Verum Clinical Research Germany
Winicker Norimed Gmbh Germany
Ascopharm France
Biotrial France
Genosafe France
Iris Pharma France
Medpharmics France
Physiogenex France
Popsicube-Fovea France
Advanced Pharma Florida
Biorasi Florida
Boca Biolistics Florida
Forward Clinical Trials Florida
Genesis Clinical Research Florida
Meridien Research Florida
Moore Clinical Research Florida
Clinical Research Services Turku Finland
Crown Cro Finland
Clinical Accelerator Estonia
Acronordic A/S Denmark
Nordic Bioscience Denmark
A-Pharma S.R.O. Czech Republic
Sermon Cro Croatia
Ipsum Clinical Colombia
Aastrom Research International China
Beijing Fogangren Bio-Pharma China
Dmed Biopharmaceutical China
Gcp Clinplus China
H&J Cro International China
Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co China
Proswell Medical Company China
Biospective Canada
Bri Biopharmaceutical Research Canada
Cellcarta Canada
Ethica Clinical Canada
Gvi Clinical Development Solutions Canada
Pharma Medica Research Canada
Scimega Canada
Trial Management Group Inc Canada
Zm Company Canada
Convex Cro Bulgaria
Worldwide Clinical Trials Bulgaria
Synova Health Brazil
Aml Clinical Services Belgium
Cerba Research Belgium
Cropha Cro Belgium
Genae Associates Belgium
International Drug Development Institute (Iddi) Belgium
Sillar Clinical Belgium
Belnico Belarus
Archimedlife Austria
Clinical Investigation Support Austria
Joanneum Research – Health Institute For Biomedicine And Health Sciences Austria
The Siesta Group Austria
Agilex Biolabs Australia
Avance Clinical Australia
Avania Australia
Datapharm Australia Australia
Eganlee - Trial Focus Australia
George Clinical Australia
Mobius Medical Australia
Molecule2Market Australia
Nucleus Network Australia
Pharmaceutical Solutions Australia
Sonic Clinical Trials Australia
Southern Star Research Australia
Syneos Health Australia
Applied Research Center Argentina
Estudios Clínicos Latinoamérica (Ecla) Argentina
Evolution Research Group Argentina
Lat Research Argentina
Resolution Latin America Argentina

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