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Clinical trial data solutions page is a comprehensive collection of services provided by Clival database. Through this page, users can access information on company/pipeline analysis, products/candidates, therapeutic area indications, sponsors/organizations, and more. It’s a valuable resource for healthcare professionals and industry professionals which offers complete description on various services encompassing safety and efficacy data, and reasons for trial termination, discontinuation, or suspension, etc.

Company Analysis/ Pipeline Analysis:

  • The Clival database provides insights into 50,000 products/candidates from 60,000 sponsors/organizations across all therapeutic areas and indications. This information can be used to conduct a pipeline analysis of companies and their products.
    The process of analyzing a company’s product pipeline to determine the potential value of its products. It involves evaluating a company’s research and development efforts, clinical trial data, regulatory approvals, and commercialization plans to assess the potential success of its products.
  • The process of analyzing a company’s product pipeline is done to determine the potential value of its products. It involves evaluating a company’s research and development efforts, clinical trial data, regulatory approvals, and commercialization plans to assess the potential success of its products.

Safety & Efficacy Data

  • The Clival database contains clinical trial data on over 500,000 clinical trials from each trial and all indications. This information can be used to analyze the safety and efficacy of drugs.
  • Our safety and efficacy data provides its regulatory approvals, promotes transparency and accountability of specified drug.
  • Our valuable insights are important for healthcare professionals to choose right drug for patients and it assists sponsors in getting insights for developing new drug therapies.

Product Level Analysis

  • Clival database provides product-based analyzed trial data for innovative drugs and clinical trials such as tadalafil, Gas-Pev Vaccine, L-glutamate, N-6022, etc.
  • Product based search criteria, provides information on clinical insights categorized by basic analysis, highest developmental phase, indication analysis, therapeutic area, sponsor analysis, prediction of launch, product level competition, sponsor level competition, sales data, country/continent wise analysis, probable licensing authority, and ODD/FTA/BTA.


Reason For Termination / Discontinuation / Suspension:

  • The Clival database contains information on the reason for termination, discontinuation, and suspension of clinical trials.
  • This information can be used to analyze the reasons behind these decisions. If the reason is appropriate, lifesciences industries can resume the important suspended or withdrawn trials, which can contribute heavily to the healthcare sector.
  • These data facilitate the search for potential partners for future business endeavors.

Patent Insight On Approved Molecules:

  • Get information for approved molecules with special feature ‘Patent insights ‘from our highly advanced Clival database. It offers detailed insights on patent landscape around already approved molecules.
  • These patent insights empower industries to protect their intellectual property rights, avoid infringement, and make strategically right decision.
  • These service equips you with the strategic intelligence to smoothly progress in this dynamic industry.


Historical Sales Data Of Approved Molecules:

  • Our sales data contribute in the overall success of lifesciences industries by providing them insights on potential risks and challenges associated with the launch of specific molecules and data on molecules with high sales potential and a positive future forecast.
  • Historical sales data for approved molecules allows the subscribers to access effective ways to understand market dynamics.
  • These insights help you in making investment and prioritization of molecules based on their market potential.

Newsletter Platform For Competitors:

  • Clival database provides newsletters that are stocked with the latest trends and changes in the industry, including trial status updates, current news, product launches, and more.
  • Clival’s newsletters features experts insights from the clinical and research field, major event highlights such as conference or symposia, presentations, and recent breakthrough, more. These insights offer deeper understanding of industry developments.
  • Our subscribers find this information invaluable for keeping up with their competitors.
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Primary Molecule Identification

  • This service from Clival database identifies primary molecule for active drug molecules among single, combination, or comparison trials for drugs.
  • These meticulously curated rare insights helps our users to understand the trial better and saves their time by providing detailed information.

Licensing Availability

  • Clival database provides information on licensing availabilities that arise during drug development process.
  • This data helps in negotiating a licensing contract with another company when entering into clinical trials of their medicinal product.
  • Licensing availability service includes the data on different factors such as umber of candidates, developmental phase, MOA study, safety & efficacy data, recommendation of molecule, etc.


Biological Class

  • Clival offers insights on biological class of innovative products under trial that are present in the database such as antibodies, hormone, blood products, cell therapy, gene therapy, cell & tissue therapy, enzymes, biosimilar, etc.
  • Clival database focuses on unique trials excluding terminated, withdrawn, and trials of unknown status.
  • Being a unique approach covering biological class, these insights makes data more understandable and smooth for the user.

Therapeutic Area Based Analysis

  • Clival database provides therapeutic area-based analyzed trial data for innovative drugs and clinical trials. Among all, few therapeutic areas included in this database are hematology, endocrinology, pain management, etc.
  • This search criteria on Clival enables you to find the clinical trials insights based on highest level phase, indicator, sponsor, country wise analysis, trial status analysis, and phase analysis.
  • This data only focus on unique trials excluding terminated, withdrawn, and trials of unknown status.


NDA/sNDA Module:

  • The Clival Database offers updated information about milestones, efficacy outcomes, safety data, and current status related to the launch and progress of clinical trials for innovative drugs. These insights become valuable for preparing your new drug applications (NDA) and supplemental new drug applications (sNDA) to the FDA.
  • Clival database provides a comprehensive view of data that helps in analyzing results and gain data into the performance of clinical trials.
  • Our real-time data on safety and efficacy trends, gives you drug’s benefits and risk mitigation and inform about NDA and sNDA.

Prediction Of Launch:

  • Our state-of-the-art platform provides you with the predictive launch date of any innovative drug. Our clinical insights make it easy to identify trends and patterns.
  • We solely deliver advanced information on launch data of any trial, which is a powerful data to stay ahead in the clinical dynamics.

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Current Development Phase:

  • Our insights are extremely valuable as it provide details on highest development phase of any innovative clinical trial mentioned in the database. Examples include phase 0, phase 1, phase ½, phase2, phase 3, phase ¾ , etc.
  • Clival’s subscribers can easily access this unique data which is efficiently helpful. Knowledge of this data gives you competitive advantage and helps you predict future trends and behaviors.
  • These insights can be valuable in finding new opportunities and make informed decisions which can provide you more strategic advantage.

Deals / Collaborations

  • Clival database provides you detailed insights on the latest deals and collaborations of pharmaceutical and allied industries.
  • These insights help in analyzing the data, through which subscribers can identify opportunities that their competitors may have missed, which can help them stay ahead of the competition.


ODD/ FTA/ BTA Status of Approved Molecules:

  • The Clival database provides current insights on the licensing status of different drugs encompassing Breakthrough Therapy Designations (BTA), Fast Track Approvals (FTA), and Orphan Drug Designations (ODD).
  • Understanding and knowing about these designation helps you smoothly navigate through regulatory pathways and accelerate the drug development.

PI Contact Details

  • We meticulously prepare data insights including contact and other details of primary investigative person (PI) including their name, designation, company, concerned clinical trial, contact number, and email address.
  • These insights are very helpful to get in-depth understanding of any trial which put in a strategic advantage over your contemporaries.

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