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Clival database enables you for the seamless exploration of clinical data. By using Clival’s Product based search criteria, access the clinical insights categorized by Basic analysis, highest developmental phase, indication analysis, therapeutic area, sponsor analysis, prediction of launch, product level competition, sponsor level competition, sales data, country/continent wise analysis, probable licensing authority, and ODD/FTA/BTA.

Basic Analysis

• In the basic analysis section, we explore product variants, product trials, product types, target/biomarker, therapeutic area, sponsors, and indications.

• We only focus on unique trials excluding terminated, withdrawn, and trials of unknown status.


Highest Development Phase

• This data shows information on highest developmental phase of clinical trials characterized by product and indication.

• It covers all the clinical trial phases including phase 0, phase 1, phase ½, phase 2, phase 2/3, phase 3, and phase 4 data.

Indication Analysis

• This dataset offers information on product analysis based on indication including conditions like cardiovascular disease, coronary artery disease, aortic stenosis, platelet aggregation, diabetes mellitus II, acute coronary syndrome, etc. The data is represented in the graph in showing indication on one axis and total number of indication on another.

• It contains list of top 8 indications

• It shows highest phase based on product and indications.


Therapeutic Area Analysis

• It analyzes therapeutic area of a product I relation to the total number of therapeutic area.

• It includes top 8 therapeutic area encompassing oncology, endocrinology, infection & infectious diseases, nervous system diseases, etc.

Sponsor Analysis

• This feature provides well analyzed data on top 8 sponsors taking total number of sponsors for any specific product.

• Product (aspirin) based list of top 8 sponsors may include Industries like Bayer healthcare animal health Inc., Sanofi Aventis, Karolinska institute, Asan medical center, individual, medical research institutes, and many more.

Sponsor Level

Prediction of Launch

• The ‘Prediction of launch’ feature provides a comprehensively analyzed data through graphical representation where products are shown by dots.

• Based on product and indication, it shows he list of products and their predicted launch year.

Product Level Competition

• This feature enables you to track the total number of products being studies for any specific trial.

• It contains products list based on indications and includes data on each phase. It can help you find products related to specific indication.

• It provides you information on already progressing trials which prevents you from repeating the same and also helps you to observe your competitors.


Sponsor Level Competition

• Sponsor level competition shows the total number of sponsors investing in any innovative product undergoing trial. It provides the phase specific data.

• It equips you with the information on competitor’s involvement in specific trials.

• Sponsors are selected based on indication.

Sales Data

• This sales specific feature provides details of products sale based on the year.

• Sales data is available only for approved molecules.


Continent/Country Wise Analysis

• This database provides total number of innovative products that are undergoing trials in a specific country or continent such as US, EU, Japan, etc.

• It includes only unique trials while terminated, withdrawn, and unknown status trials are not included in the database.

Probable Licensing Authority

• It provides the insights on availability or non-availability of licensing authority in relation to total number of products.

• The data includes only unique trials.

• Total numbers are based on products, indication, and phases of trials.



• This section provides insights on total number of indications and their current status such as Orphan drug designation (ODD), fast track approval (FTA), and breakthrough approval (BTA).

• The data includes only unique trials.

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